Since 1994, an educational therapist who has helped students with learning differences, including dyslexia and ADHD succeed
academically by providing one-on-one tutoring, assessments, reading services, and IEP advocacy services for parents.
In addition, educational consultancy to professionals and homeschoolers.

My first degree is in Mathematics, my second in Psychology, my third, an M.A., in Special Education, as well as three teaching credentials. I have also had numerous courses in testing and psychological statistics, and have been reviewing and interpreting test data for over 25 years.

I have taught in public and private schools in Missouri and CA as a regular education and special education teacher. I have been in private practice as an educational therapist since 1994. I raised a son with learning differences; he and his older sister are both university graduates and on their own.

Services by appointment in Santa Ana, CA 92705 near intersection of I-55 and I-22.

Call: (714)744-0950 or email me: for free consultation regarding how I could help your child succeed academically!!!!
  • Masters of Arts, Special Education
  • Point Loma Nazarene University
  • Bachelors of Arts, Mathematics
  • San Diego State University
  • CA Clear Resource Specialist Credential
  • Certified Fast ForWord® Professional
  • CA Clear Professional Specialist Instruction
  • Credential in Special Education
  • CA Single-Subject Credential, Mathematics

I have worked with students from preschool to college and even adults. I do testing to determine the cause of learning struggles and explain the results so that parents and their students can understand the specific cognitive weaknesses that are causing learning problems. I write reports for university students to petition for Disabled Student Services, and for testing modifications and accommodations for SAT, ACT, LSAT, GMAT exams.

I know how to help students challenged with learning disabilities (Dyslexia) and/or attention deficit disorder (ADHD.) I provide the additional support they may need beyond what is provided by their regular ed teachers and the limited resource specialist services offered by the public schools and some private schools.

I tutor students who just need school and homework help to more easily complete their regular education assignments, both daily work and long-term projects. This is especially helpful for teens who may be reluctant to work with their parents as they strive for independence.

I provide individualized instruction to improve word decoding skills, reading comprehension, and written language skills using research-based methods. I currently use the Barton Reading & Spelling System --the best program I have found in over 30 years. I also remediate math skill deficits. I have taught math in elementary, middle and high school - I love algebra and geometry!

I can serve as an education advocate to communicate your student's learning needs to his or her teacher and school. I can provide information regarding the learning services available from the public schools, parental and student rights, and other community resources.

I can advise homeschoolers regarding curriculum and instruction methods individualized for their students. I have provided reading & math instruction for homeschoolers and high school independent study students on a weekly basis and guided homeschooling moms through their curricula.

  • One-on-one tutoring I provide help with all elementary and middle school subjects and most high school subjects. In addition, I have assisted college students with beginning Spanish, writing assignments, and Calculus. I incorporate study skills instruction within the tutoring session to give students hands-on practice. Please inquire about specific academic areas. I may not know the topic, but I can help with ways to study the topic.
  • Assessment I do diagnosis of cognitive processing problems that interfere with academic learning. I begin with developmental history information from parents and review of past assessments and school records. I then select tests that will provide additional information on areas of difficulty as well as strength. I believe it is critical that parents (and older children) understand where the processing difficulties are and how to use strengths to compensate or bypass difficulties, as well as how processing problems affect everyday functioning. Recent research in the neurosciences has revealed a great deal of new information. I believe this information can empower parents and the child to cope better in daily living and make them better problem-solvers.
  • Reading Teacher I have been formally trained in a number of the reading instruction methods that peer-reviewed research has reported to be effective. They include: Lindamood-Bell, the Wilson Method, the Writing Road to Reading (Spalding), Project Read, and Barton Reading & Spelling System. I have selected what I feel are the best components of each to use with my students to make reading easier and fun to learn. I like to include phonology and some of the history of the English language because I believe it helps children to learn English's very complex spelling system.
  • Education Consultant I have training in Special Education Law and disability civil rights. In the past I have served as a parent trainer in the special education IEP Process for TASK, the San Diego County chapter of the Learning Disabilities Association, and North County Parents Organization for Children with Special Needs. I hold a CA Resource Specialist Certificate of Competence which qualifies me to do teacher and parent inservice. I am also knowledgeable about other community resouces besides the public schools.
  • Advice to Homeschoolers I am able to recommend modifications and accommodations of homeschool curriculums to insure academic success for students with learning disabilities. I have co-taught subjects for homeschooling moms and provided guidance for individualized adaptions.
Frequently asked questions
There are many possible causes for difficulty learning to read. Reading is NOT a natural skill for the brain. To confirm a reading disorder I perform standardized and curriculum-based assessments. I test for phonemic awareness skills, the ability to break words into individual sounds and to blend individual speech sounds into whole words. I test whether a student has mastered all sound-symbol relationships. I probe to determine how many of the 200+ phonics and syllable division rules the student knows to read and spell automatically. For older students I test for comprehension skills: advanced vocabulary, complex grammar and adequate background knowledge. Finally, Executive Skills may be evaluated. Readers need to be able to stay focused, avoiding distraction, retrieve information from long-term memory, and have adequate working memory to integrate information.
When a student is struggling, the more intensive the intervention, the quicker the student makes progress. The minimum number of weekly sessions I will see a student is 2. Once a week just is not often enough. The student forgets too much between sessions and does not receive enough guided practice. Compared to being in a class of 25 or 30 students, one-on-one tutoring is very intensive learning, so I have found one-hour sessions best for most students. Some very young students with severe ADHD may only be able to handle 30-minute sessions.
I am able to work with students as young as 4 years, primary grades, upper elementary, middle and high school, college and even adults who need help with literacy or study/work skills.
I am able to help with spelling, written language, core subjects (social studies, science), mathematics (arithmetic through high school math) and study skills. I help students complete daily homework and to study for tests.
I review testing reports done by public schools or private professionals to determine what specific services I would recommend so that parents can decide if their child's IEP services are adequate. Sometimes I will recommend additional testing, e.g., speech/language or occupational therapy or behavioral interventions.

A tutor is a person who has demonstrated personal mastery of a particular subject like reading (word decoding) or arithmetic. Many "tutors" have no formal training in the art and science of teaching and learning.

An "educational therapist" has training in the art and science of teaching and learning. This training specifically includes the areas of cognitive disabilities like dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and weak executive functions (including ADHD.) Ed therapists are trained to administer and interpret standardized and curriculum-based tests They provide counseling to students and their parents regarding how to optimize student intellectual potential in and out of the classroom.

I have degrees in mathematics and psychology; 3 CA teaching credentials, a Master's degree in Special Education; and training in 6 Orton-Gillingham based reading curriculums.

I also have 40+ years' experience teaching and working with children--with the last 20 years as an educational therapist in private practice—and have taught in both public and private schools in regular and special education, and worked with students from preschool to university and adults. I've also served community college students in the Office of Disabled Student Programs and Services, and volunteered for the San Diego County Learning Disabilities Association chapter (LDA-CA) for 12 years, including as chapter president for 2 years and on the state board of directors as Vice-President and Governmental Affairs Chair to the CA Department of Education.

I also have worked for TASK, located in Anaheim, the federally funded parent training project teaching Special Ed Law and the IEP process. I have special expertise in working with students with IQ's in the top quartile (>75th percentile). This population often has been denied special education services by the public schools because "they were not performing 2 years below grade level."

Finally, I have tested and provided counseling for college-bound, university, law school students, an Officers Candidate School applicant and a state real estate license applicant. Today under the Americans with Disabilities Law all persons with documented disabilities have a right to reasonable accommodations in school, work places and public facilities.


I have worked with hundreds of students and reviewed the testing reports on most of them. I have never found two exactly alike in their profiles, each has been unique. Hence, my first task is always to gather information as soon as possible so I can design an intervention plan that meets each student's learning needs.

Research has verified that the method for optimum learning outcomes is one-on-one instruction. I identify the exact concepts that the learner needs to master in order to progress and present them in a way that matches his unique cognitive profile.

I take into consideration the student's developmental age, previous learning, language, auditory, visual and fine motor skills, and his ability to focus and sustain attention. As I work with the student, I pay close attention to the student's responses and adjust my instruction to insure learning mastery and a positive experience for the student. All my instruction is driven by how the student responds.

My approach always includes multisensory presentations and instructional pacing controlled by the student's ability to fully process the information.

Finally, I work to empower the student and his parents by helping them to understand both the strengths and weaknesses of the student and how they can adopt specific strategies going forward to enable the student to be successful.

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